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September 2019 FSM Recap

Sun. Sept. 1, Mon. Sept. 2 & Sat. Sept. 7 6 riders 2 countries 102.62 miles | 165.15 kilometers This month’s FSM ride was split over two weekends, and we added the Labor Day holiday as a third day to give everyone a chance to get out and ride. Denmark FSM regular, Sandra Rasumussen and

August 2019 FSM Recap

Sat. Aug. 3 & Sun. Aug. 4 3 riders 2 countries 59.46 miles | 95.69 kilometers August was another slow FSM month as a heatwave suffocated much of the United States and rainy season descended upon the Philippines. Still, we were glad to see several riders step up to keep our monthly ride going. Philippines

July 2019 FSM Recap

Sat. July 6 & Sun. July 7 5 riders 2 countries 61.79 miles | 99.45 kilometers The dog days of summer have arrived and with them a slowdown in our FSM entries for the month of July, though they did bring an actual dog along for the ride! More on that in a moment .

June 2019 FSM Recap

Sat. June 1 & Sun. June 2 19 riders 3 countries 39.20 miles | 63.08 kilometers We’re edging hotter weather now with the official start of summer just around the corner. It was a light turnout for this month’s FSM, but we’ve got plenty of riding season left so let’s keep racking up the miles

May 2019 FSM Recap

Sat. May 4 & Sun. May 5 7 riders 3 countries 48.92 miles | 78.74 kilometers It’s full steam ahead for our FSM’s now as most of us are finally enjoying nice weather. I was able to get out to join in this month’s fun, but I do apologize for the delay in the recap

April 2019 FSM Recap

Sat. Apr. 6 & Apr. 7 13 riders 3 countries 164.78 miles | 265.18 kilometers Spring has sprung for our April FSM, and riders worldwide have come out in force to hit the trails. If you’re new to Me-Moving, FSM stands for the “First Saturday/Sunday of the Month ride.” Held on the first weekend of

Clermont Day 3 – Morning Ride

South Lake and Minneola Scenic Trial (5 – 18 miles) 8:15 am – Gather in parking lot to unload, prep, and chat before ride 9:00 am – Ride begins!!! We will begin at Waterfront Park and head west, anywhere from 2.5 miles to 5 miles depending on the group, then turn around and head back

Clermont Day 2 – Morning Ride

West Orange Trail (5 – 18 miles) 8:15 am – Gather in parking lot to unload, prep, and chat before ride 9:00 am – Ride begins!!! 18 miles of easy paced fun with a few slightly moderate hills, but mostly flat. Choose your distance and parking location. We will all meet up along the way

Clermont Day 2 – Afternoon Ride

Sugarloaf Mountain For the afternoon ride, those who want to can tackle Sugarloaf Mountain (3/4 mile up a very steep hill). See Youtube, it’s a playground and challenge for cyclist). The others can either observe, or explore other local attractions such as Waterfront Park (we will ride there on day 3), historical downtown Clermont, the

Comrades On Wheels Clermont Ride

Three Days of Rides in Central Florida: Trikkes, Me-Movers, bikes, Halfbikes (if you dare!), roller blades, whatever you want to roll on, let’s get together in Clermont, Florida for a few days of friends, hills, and thrills! If you are seeing this, you are invited! Our rides are organized so that we all will have