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September 2019 FSM Recap

Sun. Sept. 1, Mon. Sept. 2 & Sat. Sept. 7 6 riders 2 countries 102.62 miles | 165.15 kilometers This month’s FSM ride was split over two weekends, and we added the Labor Day holiday as a third day to give everyone a chance to get out and ride. Denmark FSM regular, Sandra Rasumussen and

June 2019 FSM Recap

Sat. June 1 & Sun. June 2 19 riders 3 countries 39.20 miles | 63.08 kilometers We’re edging hotter weather now with the official start of summer just around the corner. It was a light turnout for this month’s FSM, but we’ve got plenty of riding season left so let’s keep racking up the miles

May 2019 FSM Recap

Sat. May 4 & Sun. May 5 7 riders 3 countries 48.92 miles | 78.74 kilometers It’s full steam ahead for our FSM’s now as most of us are finally enjoying nice weather. I was able to get out to join in this month’s fun, but I do apologize for the delay in the recap

April 2019 FSM Recap

Sat. Apr. 6 & Apr. 7 13 riders 3 countries 164.78 miles | 265.18 kilometers Spring has sprung for our April FSM, and riders worldwide have come out in force to hit the trails. If you’re new to Me-Moving, FSM stands for the “First Saturday/Sunday of the Month ride.” Held on the first weekend of

March 2019 FSM Recap

Sat. Mar. 2 & Mar. 3 11 riders 3 countries 191.81 miles | 308.69 kilometers March roared in like a lion for our FSM ride weekend with difficult weather which kept many riders indoors and even tormented many who braved a ride. For those of you new to our community, FSM stands for the “First

February 2019 FSM Recap

Sat. Feb. 2 & Feb. Feb. 3 7 riders 5 countries 99.11 miles | 159.50 kilometers | 65 home trainer minutes It’s hard to believe the second FSM of 2019 is already in the books, but I was thrilled to see so many riders participating as it is still winter in much of the world.

October 2018 FSM Recap

Sat. Oct. 6 & Sun. Oct. 7 16 riders 4 countries 258.19 miles | 415.51 kilometers Our first FSM ride was met with great enthusiasm by the riding community! FSM stands for the “First Saturday/Sunday of the Month, and the idea is for all of us to ride together in spirit no matter where in