December 2018 FSM Recap

Sat. Dec. 1 & Sun. Dec. 2 5 riders 3 countries 70.05 miles | 112.73 kilometers December marked our last “First Saturday/Sunday of the Month” ride of 2018. While chilly weather in most parts of the world decreased participation, we still saw riders from three countries step up to allow us all of us to

November 2018 FSM Recap

Sat. Nov. 3 & Sun. Nov. 4 10 riders 2 countries 143.14 miles | 230.36 kilometers | 45 minutes Winter is Coming! Despite the arrival of chilly weather in many parts of the world, we still saw a strong turnout for our second FSM ride. FSM stands for the “First Saturday/Sunday of the Month, and

October 2018 FSM Recap

Sat. Oct. 6 & Sun. Oct. 7 16 riders 4 countries 258.19 miles | 415.51 kilometers Our first FSM ride was met with great enthusiasm by the riding community! FSM stands for the “First Saturday/Sunday of the Month, and the idea is for all of us to ride together in spirit no matter where in

Second Month’s Recap

Just over two months have passed since my first Me-Mover ride, and I continue to be impressed with the machine and the ways it has benefitted me. October brought a lot of rainy days to eastern Pennsylvania, and dwindling daylight hours after work each day conspired to keep me inside. Still, I snuck in a

Hills, Chills, and Thrills

Although the daylight hours are dwindling and chilly weather is settling in for the season, one particular trail near my home beckons me to ride it. The short spur of the Nor-Bath Rail Trail through Wayne A. Grube Memorial Park is only a mile long but offers five steep hills to climb. This trail has

The Tipping Point

I did a stupid thing Tuesday. I had great intentions of squeezing in a Me-Mover ride at a time of year that starts to limit those chances. I loaded up the truck, rushed to the Ironton Rail Trail’s loop, and got ready to race the setting sun. From the parking lot I chose, I usually