Me-Mover Marathoners

2019 M3 entries:

M3 Event – 2019
Rider Location Date Distance Time Comments
BJ Viers Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA 19 May 2019 27.6 miles 5h 57m  

Previous M3 events:

M3 Event – Fourth Quarter 2018
Rider Location Date Distance Time Comments
Sandra Rasmussen Copenhagen, Denmark 9/9/2018 44.11 km 3h 34m 48s  
Tom Case Hollywood, Florida, USA 11/10/2018 26.35 miles 1h 57m 47s  
Sandra Rasmussen Copenhagen, Denmark 11/10/2018 45.10 km 3h 15m Classes during the day
Sandra Rasmussen Copenhagen, Denmark 11/11/2018 47.11 km 3h 37m  
Anne Brinch Fanø, Denmark 11/23/2018 42.65 km 2h 33m 54s  


M3 Event – June 2018
Rider Location Date Distance Time Comments
David Beerman Denver, Colorado, USA 06/16/2018 28.30 miles 5h Denver Quarter Century Race
Tom Case Hollywood, Florida, USA 06/17/2018 31.07 miles 3h 3m 43s Father’s Day Ride
Claudio Pagan California, USA 06/20/2018 27.59 miles 3h 54m  
Humberto Perez Davie, Florida, USA 06/23/2018 34.1 miles 2h 55m  
Cheryl Shelton Idaho Falls River Walk, Idaho, USA 06/26/2018 26.65 miles 20h 10m  
Sandra Rasmussen   06/27/2018 43.46 kilometers 4h 18m  
Roger Wildermuth Shalimar, Florida, USA 06/29/2018 27.5 miles 10h 2m Two ‘legs’; first 1/2 09:40 – 13:30, then a ‘nap’. Second; 17:20 – 19:42 (10 miles in the rain)
Cameron Brown   06/30/2018 27.5 miles 2h 13m  
Shelly Hage   06/30/2018 26.22 miles <21h  

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