Me-Mover Global 100k Ride

Here are the results from the first annual Me-Mover Global 100 Km Ride organized by Claudio Pagan. Although most riders were not aiming to go the full distance of 100 kilometers (62.14 miles), all were welcome to submit their rides from that day. Congratulations to everyone for participating in this fun event, no matter how little or how far you rode. The fact that we were riding our Me-Mover’s in unison across the globe is pretty cool.

The rides are listed in no particular order. Either kilometer or miles are shown based on what the rider reported. Riders completing the full 100km distance are shown in bold.

This ride will be held again early June 2019, so you’ve got plenty of time to get in shape to prepare for it. It is our hope to grow participation and total mileage each year.

1st Annual Global Me-Mover 100km Ride – 02 June 2018
Rider Distance
Elizabeth Starr Harden 4.51 miles
Andreas Wilms 95.28 km
Lill-Kirstin Kjøller 26.47 km
Sandra Rasmussen 49 km
Claudio Pagan 62.40 miles
Lisa Chernow 1.31 miles
Dennis Ham 20.98 miles
Jim Royer 19.73 miles
Enrico Victor 9.80 miles
Pam Stokvis 10.44 miles
Rijk de Groot 5.44 miles
Jonas Eliasson 11 km
Tom Case 62.14 miles
Elizabeth Starr Harden 126.32 km
Total 624.75 km (388.20 miles)