What could be better than getting fit and having fun on your Me-Mover? How’s about sharing your Me-Mover adventures with others! There are many ways you can join in the fun with the global community of Me-Mover enthusiasts. Click the icon next to the community listing to be transported to your new hangout.

Facebook logoJoin the Me-Mover — Around the World group on Facebook. It is open to the public, so you can join in the conversation even if you are not a Me-Mover rider yet.


Endomondo Logo

Me-Mover’s Around The World Camaraderie 2017 – track your miles and share your ride via the Endomondo app. This is not a competition, but a friendly way for us to encourage each other and share.


Google Maps icon

BE ON THE ‘MAP’! Here is a World Map showing the locations of ME-MOVER ‘Dealers’, ‘Ambassadors’, ‘Owners’, and ‘Prospective Buyers’. Search here for riders in your area or in areas you plan to vacation to, and be sure to add your own pin so we can find you.


Are you hosting any Me-Mover rides or events? Do you have a blog or website about Me-Movers? Then we would love to share your information here. Help grow our sport by emailing

Facebook and Endomondo icons courtesy of Siannve on DeviantArt.