Author: Jamie Makin

D&L Delight

I had many reasons for wanting a Me-Mover, but one loomed large over all others – my desire to ride the beautiful Delaware & Lehigh Trail very near my home. This scenic trail will be 165-miles long upon completion, stretching from Wilkes-Barre, PA to Trenton, NJ. The caveat is that it is nearly all packed

Me-Mover Matchup

Sometimes participating in a niche hobby or sport can be a lonesome endeavor. While solitude sometimes has its place, more often we look to connect with others who share our passion. We are privileged to be living in the internet age, where we can connect and share our passions with others around the world with

Spurring Myself to Ride Further

There’s nothing like buying a new toy to guarantee a few days of rain. After my successful first ride on my Me-Mover, I had to sit out the next few days as the remnants of Hurricane Harvey moved through the area. It was a gentle, soaking rain here, and there was something oddly relaxing about

Maiden Voyage

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step, or this this case enough steps to add up to a 2.7 mile ride on my new Me-Mover. As with any new vehicle or exercise machine, the Me-Mover has a learning curve. The metaphorical first step was taken on my computer watching an official Me-Mover

Some Assembly Required

Before you can start your Me-Mover fitness regiment, you will have to roll up your sleeves and prepare to do some assembly work. It is not difficult work, and you should view it as an opportunity to get acquainted with your new machine. Begin by unpacking the Me-Mover, and ensure that you have received everything.

Why Me-Mover?

Determination to Change Five years ago I embarked on a life-changing journey towards fitness. My forty year-old body had suffered from too many years of neglect, inactivity, and poor nutrition. I began with walking on the local rail trails which quickly inspired me to get back on my bicycle. But the bicycle came with an