September 2019 FSM Recap

Sun. Sept. 1, Mon. Sept. 2 & Sat. Sept. 7

6 riders

2 countries

102.62 miles | 165.15 kilometers

This month’s FSM ride was split over two weekends, and we added the Labor Day holiday as a third day to give everyone a chance to get out and ride.


FSM regular, Sandra Rasumussen and a companion rider kicked off this month’s event with a 52-kilometer ride in Amager Rundt, Copenhagen.

United States

Despite Hurricane Dorian threatening the Florida coast, Me-Mover regulars Tom Case and Roger Wildermuth were able to ride. Roger, whose idea it was to add Labor Day to the FSM ride, rode his beautiful red Me-Mover 2 miles in Shalimar, Florida.

Red Me-Mover in front of the Longwood Elementary School's digital sign
Roger Wildermuth celebrated the Labor Day holiday with a Me-Mover ride in Shalimar, Florida.

Tom explained how his 10-mile ride in Davie, Florida led to a family outing afterwards. “This month I rode on one of the usual routes we do here, even stopping for the normal break at Lange Park. While there I went next door to the Davie Old School Historical Museum for some photos. After cruising the grounds and seeing as much as possible from the outside, I went home, got online, and got tickets to the next tour of the inside. We’ll be taking our pre-k and 1st grade grand daughters with us.”

White Me-Mover parked in front of a tan outhouse with a crescent moon carved into the door
Is Tom Case taking the picture? Or has he gone inside . . . ?!

Far, far away from the threat of tropical weather, Glenice and Paul Swenson put in a marathon-length FSM (26 miles) on the Heartland Trail in Minnesota.

Closeup of woman and man in with red and white Me-Movers in the background
Glenice and Paul Swenson taking a break from their marathon-length ride to give us a great selfie.

Next Month

We’re heading into the season of peak fall colors on the leaves, so let’s see some peak colors of Me-Movers joining them on the trail for next month’s FSM!

  • Saturday, October 5, 2019
  • Sunday, October 6, 2019

Update 10/10/19:

We’ve had a great year getting our FSM rides started, and I want to thank everyone who has participated. I have been writing recaps as I can on the this website; however, riders have shown a clear preference for sharing their photos and rides on the Facebook group instead.

Tom Case and I had a nice discussion about this yesterday, and we encourage you to continue participating in the FSM rides and sharing your adventures on Facebook. I will no longer be collecting ride data or writing recaps on this website, however, and I have deleted the form so there’s no confusion.

The FSM rides will continue, and hopefully our community will continue to grow! Thank you all again for your participation over the past year.

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