July 2019 FSM Recap

Sat. July 6 & Sun. July 7

5 riders

2 countries

61.79 miles | 99.45 kilometers

Looking from the base of a white Me-Mover up towards a tree, an American Flag, and the blue sky
Tom Case and his Me-Mover stopped for a patriotic view on a beautiful day in Florida over the July 4th weekend.

The dog days of summer have arrived and with them a slowdown in our FSM entries for the month of July, though they did bring an actual dog along for the ride! More on that in a moment . . .

What we lacked in numbers though, we made up for with a show of patriotism. The July FSM fell just after the Independence Day holiday here in the United States, and the celebrating continued into the weekend. Riders decked themselves and their Me-Movers out in patriotic colors to celebrate the month’s ride.


Enrico Victor kicked off the month’s festivities with a 22.20 kilometer ride on the streets of Makati City. He explained that the 4th of July in the Philippines is called the Philippine-American Friendship Day. Thank you for sharing that, Victor! We are happy to have you as friend in our global Me-Mover community.

United States

Most of the stateside action was based in Florida again this month. Regulars Tom Case and Humberto Perez started their 20-mile ride through Hollywood and Davie early to beat the heat. They started their first 6 miles at 6:30 am, took a coffee break, then raced to finish the remaining 14 miles as the skies darkened. We’re happy to report they made it home dry.

Roger Wildermuth shared a short but endearing 1 mile ride in his Shalimar, Florida neighborhood. His ride was his first “Me-Mover dog walk” with his new 6-month old puppy, Tracker. Roger says Tracker “did great, even got up to a ‘trot’.” Welcome to the Me-Mover family, Tracker!

Male Me-Mover rider wearing an American flag bicycling jersey and headband, and displaying two American flags on his Me-Mover
Roger Wildermuth and his Me-Mover show off their patriotism during a neighborhood ride in Shalimar, Florida.

The temperatures were no kinder across the country in Scottsdale, Arizona for Shelly Hage. She set a goal of riding 7 miles on 7/7 and managed to achieve it despite the heat. She said it was “super hot” in Eldorado Park, “but the pleasure of the ride made the sweat worth it. Next time I’ll take more water.” Congrats on achieving your goal despite the conditions, Shelley!

Next Month

As the dog days of summer continue, remember to keep you and your pets well-hydrated if you get out to ride. We certainly encourage you to keep active and to mark your calendars for our next FSM on Saturday, August 3 and Sunday, August 4.

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