June 2019 FSM Recap

Sat. June 1 & Sun. June 2

19 riders

3 countries

39.20 miles | 63.08 kilometers

We’re edging hotter weather now with the official start of summer just around the corner. It was a light turnout for this month’s FSM, but we’ve got plenty of riding season left so let’s keep racking up the miles and kilometers.


Enrico Victor got this month’s party started with his 20.55 kilometer ride on the streets of Makati City. Enrico was celebrating his birthday as the Philippines hit their peak temperatures. He averaged 16.3 kph with temperatures in the mid-30s Celcius and high humidity reaching the mid-70s. Happy birthday, Enrico!


A young boy riding a silver Me-Mover while another boy watches from atop a wall.
Danny Kirkeby let the kids try out his Me-Mover for a unique FSM ride.

Danny Kirkeby had a different sort of party, where he gathered 16 other people at a local skate-rink for the most unique FSM we’ve seen so far. They enjoyed a wonderful Sunday afternoon at the rink with pizza and lemonade as everyone took turns trying out the Me-Mover. Everyone loved the Me-Mover, and Danny estimates they racked up a combined 20 km. Great job, Danny, promoting the spirit of the FSM movement and sharing our passion with others!

United States

Tom Case had plans for a someone to join his ride, but the plans fell through so he enjoyed a solo ride nonetheless. He started early and completed 14 miles on the neighborhood streets of Hollywood and Davie, Florida.

A man in a yellow shirt rides a silver Me-Mover on a winding Florida trail with palm trees and a fence in the background.
Tom Case enjoys the Florida sunshine during his solo FSM ride.

Next Month

Thank you to our loyal riders who have been participating regularly in the FSM rides. Let’s encourage everyone else to join in the fun for our next FSM ride weekend July 6 & 7. All you have to do is log a ride one or both days, and share your adventures with afterwards us via our FSM Ride Entry Form.

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