May 2019 FSM Recap

Sat. May 4 & Sun. May 5

7 riders

3 countries

48.92 miles | 78.74 kilometers

It’s full steam ahead for our FSM’s now as most of us are finally enjoying nice weather. I was able to get out to join in this month’s fun, but I do apologize for the delay in the recap report. It was an exceptionally busy month for me, but hopefully we’re back on track now. I will post June’s report this coming weekend.


Enrico Victor kicked things off in Makati City with a 22.47 kilometer ride in scorchingly hot weather. It was 90 degrees F at 5:00 pm with humidity of 60%. Enrico has set some ambitious distance and speed targets for the month of May, and I wish him all the best in achieving them.


Danny Kirkeby’s son, Christopher, joined in to complete his first FSM ride. The father-son duo completed 3.88 kilometers in Slagelse during Denmark’s WWII Liberation Day. They stopped at a statue in town to lay down flowers to commemorate the brave soldiers that fought for their freedom. Many people were curious about their Me-Movers, and they stopped to chat with them as well.

United States

Florida was well-represented by FSM regulars Tom Case, Humberto Perez, and Roger Wildermuth.

Roger enjoyed a unique FSM, joining in a “Cinco de Mayo” run in Fort Walton Beach. He rode 5.00 miles with the Emerald Coast Hash House Harriers on the streets through town.

In Emerald Hills, Tom Case and Humberto Perez teamed up for an 11 mile ride. The passed through neighborhoods of affluent homes, and enjoyed an ice cold homemade decaf at Starbucks. Tom had to work afterwards, though Burt got to enjoy the rest of the day off.

Pennsylvania got a few hours reprieve from the endless rain on Saturday afternoon, and I was able to sneak out for a short ride. I made the most of my time though, finally getting to check out the Lehigh Valley’s newest trail. I rode 3.14 miles on the Jordan Creek Greenway & Trail in Whitehall. This is the start of a longer trail that will eventually stretch west to Trexlertown. The scenery and tranquility was absolutely amazing, considering it runs through one of the most congested areas in the region!

Next Month

Thank you to everyone who submitted their ride stories and shared their photos this month. We hope you will return for our next FSM ride weekend June 1 & 2. All you have to do is log a ride one or both days, and share your adventures with afterwards us via our FSM Ride Entry Form.

A boy poses next to a gold Me-Mover in front of a large statue decorated with wreathes.A blue Me-Mover on a trail alongside a creek with tree-lined banks.A blue Me-Mover on a trail bridge over the a creek with tree-lined banks.An hour-by-hour weather chart showing scattered thunderstorms and temperatures in the 90s

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