April 2019 FSM Recap

Sat. Apr. 6 & Apr. 7

13 riders

3 countries

164.78 miles | 265.18 kilometers

Spring has sprung for our April FSM, and riders worldwide have come out in force to hit the trails. If you’re new to Me-Moving, FSM stands for the “First Saturday/Sunday of the Month ride.” Held on the first weekend of every month, it is a time we all ride together in spirit and share our adventures online.


FSM regular, Enrico Victor, continues to include his FSM rides as part of his fitness goals. For April he is targeting a minimum distance of 20 km per ride and an average speed of 16 kph. His April FSM ride on the streets of Makati, Philippines clocked in at 22.4 km, exceeding his goal on a 95f degree day with humidity of 58%. Well done!


In Slagelese, Denmark, FSM regular was joined for the first time by his wife for a 10.65 km ride. They completed their distance in just under an hour on a beautiful 16c degree day. His wife had never ridden more than 500 meters before, so this was quite a leap forward for her.

Sandra Rasmussen joined in the fun with a 10 km ride on a beach trail in Copenhagen. This was her first FSM ride since October 2018, and we are happy to see her back.

United States

In Florida, Tom Case rode 12 miles on the Me-Mover touring prototype. This model features 16″ tires and easier pedaling. He stopped at the Perry Airport to take some photos and was fortunate that the spring winds did make him take flight.

BJ Viers was nowhere near Florida this month, instead riding his FSM in Radford, Virginia. He rode 6 miles along the picturesque Riverway Trail that follows the New River.

Glenice and Paul Swenson were able to do a 3.75 mile ride on the Owatonna Trail in Minnesota. We hope things are starting to warm up and thaw out there for you!

Douglass Weymouth didn’t let at “atmospheric river event” keep him away from the FSM. He set up his new indoor trainer and rode it for an hour, staying warm and dry while local rivers neared flood stage.

There was no rain in southern California this month, Claudio Pagan led the 20 Kkrew on a sunny 34 mile journey from Ventura to Ojai. And as the sun set on our FSM weekend, Shelly Hage logged a 3.91 mile ride around her Scottsdale, Arizona neighborhood as a crescent moon lit her way.

Next Month

Thank you to everyone who their April FSM ride. It is great to see so many regulars return each month, and equally nice to see new members joining in as this ride gains momentum.

Hopefully the weather in your part of the world will treat you well for our next FSM ride weekend May 4 & 5. All you have to do is log a ride one or both days, and share your adventures with afterwards us via our FSM Ride Entry Form.

White and red Me-Movers parked on the grass near a metal bridge over a creek with a small waterfall and a neighborhood in the backgroundWoman resting alongside gold and silver Me-Movers on a country road.Man in a yellow shirt taking a selfie with a red Me-Mover and sign for the Dedmon Center behind himTeal Me-Mover Touring prototype in front of a hangar of small airplanesTeal Me-Mover Touring prototype parked in front of Hooters restaurantRed Me-Mover on sidewalk at dusk, a crescent moon is in the darkening sky
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