January 2019 FSM Recap

Black Me-Mover on a trail through some oaks and ferns

Sat. Jan. 5 & Sun. Jan. 6

8 riders

3 countries

58.85 miles | 94.70 kilometers

Happy New Year, Me-Movers! Our first FSM of 2019 is in the books, and participation was encouraging despite winter weather settling in throughout much of the world.

FSM stands for the “First Saturday/Sunday of the Month”, and it is a weekend that we all ride together in spirit no matter where in the world we happen to be.


Enrico Victor was happy to get out for his first ride in four weeks after being sidelined by a virus/bug and dealing with an unusual rainy spell in the Philippines. He rode 16.79 kilometers in perfect weather in Makita City and finished with a “great tired feeling.”


Danny Kirkeby logged his first FSM riding 10 kilometers in Slagelese on an overcast 0c degree day. Welcome, Danny, and we hope you ride with us again in our 2019 FSM’s.

United States

The remaining six FSM riders represented an array of states in the U.S.A.

In southeastern Florida, Tom Case led the way with 22 miles on an easy-paced “smell the roses” ride on New River Greenway and the Hiatus Greenway through the cities of Plantation and Davie. He had fun on his borrowed black Me-Mover even though the weather was iffy, and he capped it off by sipping a delicious cup of decaf at a new coffee shop on the way back. Roger Wildermuth logged two FSM rides in the Florida panhandle. Saturday’s 1 mile outing was intended to give a neighbor a test ride, though the neighbor wasn’t home. On Sunday, Roger and his dog rode/walked a 3 mile FSM around his Shalimar neighborhood. BJ Viers represented Jacksonville, Florida, logging a 5 mile ride on his Me-Mover.

On the west coast, rain washed out the FSM hopes for the SoCal riders this month. We’ll be hoping to see you able to ride again in the February FSM. The sun shined in Scottsdale, Arizona though where Shelly Hage logged a 6.2 mile FSM.

Braving the cold winter conditions were Cheryl Shelton in Idaho and Jamie Makin in Pennsylvania. Cheryl rode 3.84 miles for her longest FSM to-date, while Jamie cut her FSM short at 1.16 miles due to high winds.

Thank you to all the riders who helped us get 2019 off to a fun start. We hope to be seeing everyone check in for our next FSM weekend on February 2rd and 3rd. I know we’re all getting restless for spring, but don’t let the cold weather keep you indoors . . . unless it’s on a home trainer!

Silver Me-Mover in a grassy field in front of Jesus on a cross on an overcast dayBlack Me-Mover on a trail through some oaks and fernsBlack Me-Mover on a concrete trail over a bridge with light blue side railsMe-Mover handlebars overlooking a point with birds along the shoreScreenshot showing weather for the National Capital Region of the Philippines on 1/6/19 at 4:23 pm. It is mostly sunny and 28 degrees F.

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