November 2018 FSM Recap

Sat. Nov. 3 & Sun. Nov. 4

10 riders

2 countries

143.14 miles | 230.36 kilometers | 45 minutes

Winter is Coming!

Despite the arrival of chilly weather in many parts of the world, we still saw a strong turnout for our second FSM ride. FSM stands for the “First Saturday/Sunday of the Month, and the idea is for all of us to ride together in spirit no matter where in the world we happen to be.

United States

Nine of our ten participants this month were in the United States representing Florida, California, Idaho, and Pennsylvania.

The weather in Southern California showed no hints of winter weather for the 20KKrew of Mimoza Lazarevska, Claudio Pagan, and Wilson Wong. Their 34.9 mile ride still threw a wide range of temperatures at them with it being 67 degrees at the start at Marina Park in Ventura but reaching a scorching 92 degrees in Ojai.

The Florida weather was also kind to four of our riders. Tom Case did an early morning 20-mile ride in Davie which he described as a “combination of work, play, and a serious workout.” His destination was his son-in-law’s house to cut the grass, followed by the return portion of his ride back. BJ Viers and Bobbie Anding rode 4.5 miles in Atlantic Beach near Jacksonville, while Roger Wildermuth put in a “slow and steady” mile-long ride in Shalimar. Roger is recovering from an illness, so we applaud his determination to participate in this event and wish him all the best for his continued recovery.

For the second month in a row, Cheryl Shelton braved 20+ mph winds to complete a 2.6 mile ride along the The River Walk in Idaho Falls. The upside of her determination was that she had the path to herself! In Coplay, Pennsylvania, Jamie Makin had no such worries with wind, but there was a definite coming-of-winter chill in the air as she rode 5.8 miles around the Ironton Rail Trail loop.


Dex Tsang in Hong Kong, China continued to participate by riding his Me-Mover on a home trainer connected to Zwift. His 45 minute ride took him on a virtual tour of New York City’s Central Park with the virtual company of other bicyclists. What a way to truly Me-Move “around the world” !

Thank you very much to all the riders who returned for our second FSM, and to those participating for the first time!

Our next FSM weekend will be December 1st and 2nd, and we can’t wait to see what adventures the community will share with us those days.

Me-Mover rider taking a selfie on his Me-Mover.White Me-Mover on trail alongside freewayRider taking a selfie with two other riders and three Me-Movers in the background.Blue Me-Mover looking uphill on a trail with a red caboose at the top of the hill

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