October 2018 FSM Recap

Riders Tom Case and Humberto Perez on their Me-Movers in front of a waterfall

Sat. Oct. 6 & Sun. Oct. 7

16 riders

4 countries

258.19 miles | 415.51 kilometers

Our first FSM ride was met with great enthusiasm by the riding community!

FSM stands for the “First Saturday/Sunday of the Month, and the idea is for all of us to ride together in spirit no matter where in the world we happen to be.


Enrico Victor’s 25.45 kilometer solo ride in Makati City in Metro Manila in the Phillipines has the distinction of being both the first ever FSM ride completed as well as being Enrico’s longest ride to date. Although he typically rides 15 kilometers each day, the temperatures were more bearable than usual on Saturday, and he felt great so he just kept going.


Dex Tsang in Hong Kong, China took a different approach to the FSM, riding his Me-Mover FIT on his home trainer connect to Zwift. He racked up an impressive 35.06 kilometers, proving that you don’t need to leave home to participate in this event. Yes, we will be counting rides completed on the indoor trainers, so don’t let the coming winter discourage you from participating!


Our first FSM wouldn’t have felt right without riders from the birthplace of the Me-Mover participating, and Sandra Rasmussen and Ivo completed 29 kilometers each in Copenhagen on Saturday to put Denmark on the map.

United States

Twelve of the sixteen FSM riders were spread across the United States representing Florida, California, Idaho, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

Me-Mover regulars, Tom Case and Humberto Perez, completed a marathon-distance ride across several southern Florida towns just before the day’s storms rolled in. Roger Wildermuth took a quick ride at the Eglin Air Force Base in the Florida panhandle with his four-legged friend running alongside him. (Roger, be safe in the coming hurricane!) BJ Viers logged 7.8 miles in Jacksonville, Florida, crossing the Intercoastal Bridge on Atlantic Boulevard on his Me-Mover for the first time.

On the Pacific Coast, the 20KKrew of Claudio Pagan, Juan Ortega, and Wilson Wong enjoyed the beautiful weather and each other’s company on California’s Lower Rio Hondo Trail. We were especially excited to see Wilson Wong, the “Father of the LSM” (Trikke’s Last Saturday/Sunday of the Month ride) borrow one of those “three wheel things” to join in the fun!

Idaho was well represented with two riders completing solo rides. Cheryl Shelton braved 20 mph winds to complete a short ride at Fremont Park and The River Walk in Idaho Falls. Meanwhile, Cam Brown logged the longest FSM ride of the weekend by Me-Moving 30.48 miles on the Boise River Greenbelt Trail.

Shelly Hage rode a solo 5 miles in Scottsdale, Arizona enjoying one of the first cool-weather weekends since the spring. And yours truly pulled herself away from her computer long enough to ride 3.47 miles on the Ironton Rail Trail in Egypt, Pennsylvania during one of the few dry spells in recent weeks.

Thank you very much to all the riders who made our first FSM weekend a big success! I’d like to extend an extra-special thank you to Roger Wildermuth for getting the FSM idea going and to Wilson Wong for the Trikke LSM which this event was inspired by.

Our next FSM weekend will be November 3rd and 4th, and we can’t wait to see what adventures the community will share with us those days.

Riders Tom Case and Humberto Perez on their Me-Movers in front of a waterfallRider wearing yellow shorts on a red Me-Mover with a black dog running alongsideJuan Ortega, Claudio Pagan, and Wilson Wong posing for a selfie with a purple Me-Mover in the backgroundWorkout simulator screen capture of bicyclist on a mountain roadJamie Makin taking a selfie in front of a dark blue pickup truck and next to a light blue Me-MoverScreen capture of Cam Brown's Me-Mover ride on the Endomondo app

(Updated 11/6/18 to correct error in reported miles/kilometers.)

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