Announcing the First Global Me-Mover FSM Ride

We’re borrowing a page out of the Trikke community’s playbook and starting our own monthly Me-Mover ride event that we’d love to see everyone participate in. We’re calling ours the FSM (First Saturday/Sunday of the Month Ride) to avoid being on the same weekend as Trikke’s LSM (Last Saturday/Sunday of the Month Ride).

On the first weekend of each month, we all ride together! No matter what part of the world you are in, whether it is Denmark, the US, Asia, or somewhere in between, all Me-Mover riders ride together in spirit to share our adventures and help build awareness about our favorite vehicle. Although there’s no minimum distance required to participate, we hope to see our community grow with more riders and a greater combined distance as time goes on.

Although the 2018 riding season is winding down, there will still be three weekends in which to participate:

  • Saturday, October 6 & Sunday, October 7
  • Saturday, November 3 & Sunday, November 4
  • Saturday, December 1 & Sunday, December 2

So get out there and have a safe and enjoyable ride! Then be sure to tell us all about it by filling out the FSM form. Early in the week after each FSM ride, we will tally up the results and share them on this site and in our Facebook group, so be sure to check back soon.Three Me-Mover Riders on a trail with traffic cones

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