Happy New Year from Me-Mover Around the World


Happy New Year to Me-Mover enthusiasts around the world and to the people design and build these great machines for us.

2017 was an eventful year for the Me-Mover community, and we wanted to reflect on some of the highlights:

  • Our fledgling Facebook group has already grown to 122 members.
  • Our 2017 “Camaraderie Challenge” on Endomondo saw 32 participants ride a total of 14,630 miles. (That’s an impressive average of 457 miles per rider!)
  • The Me-Mover Fitness 2.1 is in production and available for purchase.
  • This website was launched in August

As we begin 2018, there is much to look forward to:

  • Our 2018 “Camaraderie Challenge” on Endomondo is up and running. Join in the fun as you share your stats and successes with the Me-Mover community.
  • Tom Case has planned a 2-day Me-Mover ride on Florida’s Withlacoochee Trail from March 4 through March 5. Get full information and RSVP at our Facebook Event page.
  • The riders at Trikke Universe have invited Me-Movers to their multi-day in Minnesota’s 10,000 Lakes Region from June 22 through June 25. We hope you will be able to join us for rides on the Heartland State Trail and Paul Bunyan Trail followed by relaxing evenings on the shores of Leech Lake.
  • Continued upgrades to the Me-Mover and official accessories (including an all-new home trainer) will be announced soon.

Me-Mover Around the World wishes you and your family a safe and happy 2018. Your continued participation on the trails and online is what makes the Me-Mover community so special.


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