Second Month’s Recap

Jamie posed on her blue Me-Mover at archway to garden path

Just over two months have passed since my first Me-Mover ride, and I continue to be impressed with the machine and the ways it has benefitted me. October brought a lot of rainy days to eastern Pennsylvania, and dwindling daylight hours after work each day conspired to keep me inside. Still, I snuck in a few rides whenever I could.

Though this month’s rides were fewer and shorter, I challenged myself to ride harder trails which typically involved hill climbing. Yesterday I completed my personal goal of climbing all five hills at Wayne A. Grube Memorial Park in Weaversville to cap off what has been a success fall riding season.

Looking back over the past two months of Me-Moving, I am pleased with the statistics I have racked up. Though if I knew I was just 0.31 miles shy of 50 total I would have gone just a little bit further yesterday!

  • 11 Me-Mover rides
  • 49.69 total Me-Mover miles
  • 4.51 average miles per ride
  • Ranked 20 out of 30 riders in the Endomondo 2017 Camaraderie challenge

More importantly, I have passed what I consider “The Tipping Point,” which is where exercise goes from being exhausting to exhilarating! I find myself wanting to get up and move around more, and I find I’m growing antsy if I sit or lie down too long.

Some of the physical benefits I have already realized in two short months of Me-Moving include:

  • Lower back pain resulting from my desk job is completely gone
  • Chronic aches in my knees from being overweight are completely gone
  • Weakness in my ankle and tendency to “roll it” have disappeared
  • Intermittent nerve pain in my neck from my desk job is less frequent and less severe
  • Insomnia and frequent nighttime awakenings are greatly diminished
  • Energy level and mental sharpness are greatly improved

I have still not stepped on the scale since I started riding. I know I should, but it is these other benefits that motivate me and that I chose to focus on. The Me-Mover has helped me in all of these ways, but more importantly has lifted my spirits by getting me outdoors and into the sunshine and fresh air.

As they say here in the north though, “winter is coming.” The chill in the air these past few days coupled with the shorter daylight hours makes it feel like it has already arrived. If you haven’t heard, Me-Mover is designing a new indoor trainer that will hit the market soon (likely before year’s end). While I will have to accept less frequent trail rides, at least I know I will have a safe indoor workout option to look forward to.


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