Me-Mover Matchup

Jamie on her blue Me-Mover behind her friend's green Me-Mover
Jamie on her Me-Mover

Sometimes participating in a niche hobby or sport can be a lonesome endeavor. While solitude sometimes has its place, more often we look to connect with others who share our passion. We are privileged to be living in the internet age, where we can connect and share our passions with others around the world with ease.

It was this global outreach and connection that led me to meeting my first local Me-Moving friend. I had completed my first Me-Mover ride, a short but enjoyable test run through Bicentennial Park West in East Allen Township. After the ride, I eagerly shared my experience and photos with the Me-Mover Ambassadors’ group where I said something about having the first Me-Mover in the Lehigh Valley. The proverbial ink had barely dried on that post when someone wrote back to say she lived just ten minutes from me!

Jamie's friend on Ironton Rail Trail bridge next to green and blue Me-Movers
Jamie’s Me-Moving friend

A week later we met up to share a ride on the Ironton Rail Trail and have some good laughs about my post. She is a relatively new rider as well, but had more experience with the Me-Mover itself. In turn, I was able to share knowledge of our vast local trail system which I had explored more thoroughly in my biking and Trikking years. We were well-matched in terms of speed and endurance, so we enjoyed each other’s company on that late summer day. I hope it is the first of many more to come.

The global Me-Mover community is small but growing, and you never know who you will find in your neighborhood. The forum on this site will become a good place to meet other riders once it’s launched, but meanwhile there are several ways you can find other Me-Mover enthusiasts:

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